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The Leading Guide to Québec French.

Introducing the 4th edition of Speak Québec!, the first practical dictionary and handbook for understanding Québec French


  • A complete dictionary with over 3000 different words and phrases

  • Thousands of real-world examples of language usage

  • Detailed chapters covering language history, pronunciation, colloquialisms, & more.

  • Fun to read and practical to use!





Speak Québec! is a practical handbook for understanding Québécois, the day-to-day French spoken in the Province of Québec. Comprising over three thousand commonly-used words and expressions, Speak Quebec! provides a dynamic & fun yet accurate reference for English speakers who wish to express themselves in daily Québec conversation. The book also includes a complete history of the language, and a guide to differences in pronunciation and grammar from International French.


Available in both standard and abridged (educational) editions, Speak Québec! provides a terrific basis to help understand and appreciate one of the oldest, richest, and most inspired cultures in North America.

Discovering Speak Québec! on the streets of Old Montréal

4th Edition

in Paperback, Hardcover,

or eBook formats

Other Editions

Kindle Version, for all Amazon Kindle Readers (3rd Edition)

iPhone/iPad version (3rd Edition)

Abriged Version for educational use (3rd Edition)

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